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We know that you love coffee in all its forms almost as much as we do here at Brown Bear, but how much do you really know about those magical little beans? Time to fire up the aeropress guys, because here come our top ten coffee facts to blow your mind!

1. Coffee’s good for you

Coffee drinkers are statistically 65% less likely to suffer from Alzheimers. Plus the antioxidants help your body fight chemicals that cause Parkinsons, Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease – so drink up!

2. First web cam used to spy on coffee

At Cambridge University in 1991, a group of intrepid scientists made history by setting up a livestream video to the web so they could see if their coffee pot was empty without getting up. Now there’s an idea…

3. It all started with goats

The dynamic effects of caffeine were first discovered in the 9th century by Ethiopian shepherds, who noticed their goats “dancing” after eating coffee berries!

4. The great coffee shop ban

King Charles II feared that people were plotting against him in Coffee houses. Charles ordered a ban across the nation. This fortunately didn’t take and many Coffee shops remained open.

5. Americanos were invented in WWII

They were named after American soldiers who would order extra water in their espresso because they couldn’t handle the strong flavour!

6. There’s a Japanese coffee spa

They claim that soaking in coffee helps add beauty to the skin. We’ll, er, stick to drinking it thanks.

7. Coffee is the 2nd biggest world export

Only oil is traded for more worldwide. Just don’t get the two mixed up!

8. The worlds oldest cat was a coffee drinker

“Creme Puff” the cat lived to 38 years, and was fed coffee, bacon, eggs and broccoli every morning for breakfast!

9. Coffee won’t help sober you up…

But it has been found to decrease the risk of alcohol related liver disease, so it’s still worth drinking!

10. The mug is important

Australian researchers discovered that people thought coffee in white mugs tasted more bitter than coffee in clear glass mugs, even when it was the same coffee! So if you like it sweeter, we say invest in a glass latte mug.

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