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Commited to Sustainability

We believe that it is important to take steps to reduce our environmental impact. That's why we are committed to using carbon capture technology to reduce our carbon emissions.

Brown Bear Coffee is one of the most energy-efficient coffee roasteries in the UK. We are committed to sustainability and have taken a number of steps to reduce our environmental impact. Here are some of our sustainability initiatives:

Catalytic converter: Our roasteries have added catalytic converters to our latest roasters to manage carbon emissions. This converts CO into CO2, which helps to prevent the release of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We believe that we are the only roaster in the UK to have made this commitment.

Packaging: We are commited to using new packaging formats, including home compostable, industrial compostable, and recyclable packaging. We are committed to reducing our reliance on single-use plastics and other materials that are harmful to the environment and since 2021 we no longer use non-recyclable foils entirely.

Chaff compactor: Our roasteries have invested in chaff compactors, which reduces the waste disposal of chaff and therefore the carbon footprint of trucks and skips.

Onsite nitrogen generation: We generate nitrogen on-site, which reduces the need for deliveries of nitrogen gas. This helps to reduce our carbon emissions and transportation costs.

Variable compressors: We use variable compressors to reduce energy consumption. This means that we only use the amount of energy that we need, which helps to save money and reduce our environmental impact.

Heat recovery: We use the heat generated from the roasters to warm the factory, which reduces our energy usage.

Recycling: We have a recycling program for all cardboard packaging. We also sell hessian and jute coffee bags to the farming industry, retail industry, and recycling centers.

Lighting: We have converted both the roastery and offices and other facilities to energy-efficient LEDs. This will help to reduce our energy consumption and our carbon emissions.

Charging points: We have electric charging points for factory vehicles and staff vehicles. This helps to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and our carbon emissions.

We are proud of our sustainability initiatives and we are committed to continuing to reduce our environmental impact. We believe that it is important to take steps to protect the environment for future generations.

Clean Roasting

We carbon capture our gases produced by roasting our coffee. This effectively is thousands of tons of carbon a year that is captured.

Enviromental Packaging

We have removed all non-recyclable packaging from our process. All of our materials are now single-homogeneous materials, which makes them easier to recycle.

Carbon offsetting

We have a siter company which is commited to offsetting our carbon emmisions by planting trees. We've planted 50,000 trees since 2020.

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