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The Brown Bear Coffee Guide

We are building a set of comprehensive guides for Brown Bear Coffee Customers and our future customers that want to get into making high quality coffee.

Grinding your own Coffee

Are you looking to buy Beans and grind your own coffee?

We have created a guide on how much you should grind your coffee, the page will describe grind size and coffee types that you could grind for. Being beans, the choices are near infinite.

The coffee types you could grind beans for and many more.

Cowboy Coffee, Turkish Coffee, French Press, Cold Brew Coffee, Pour-Over, Espresso, AeroPress, Drip Filter, Moka Pot, Chemex.

Coffee Grind Guide

Using a Cafetière

Want to get the most out of your Cafetière?

The Cafetière is a classic and well know quality coffee brewing method, it's also known as the French Press. It was invented in France in 1852 by Jacques Victor Delforge. He patented the earliest known decvice that looked like a Cafetière.

Coffee Grind type for a Cafetière

You will need a grind setting between 1-3 explained in out Grind Guide, this is a course grind which resembles sea salt in grind texture.

How to use a cafetière

Using an AeroPress

Getting the most out of your Aero Press!

The AeroPress is one of the newer ways to enjoy coffee. It was invented by Alan Adler and introduced November 2005 at the CoffeeFest trade show in Seattle. It's praised for its consistent result and flexibility.

Coffee Grind type for Aero Press

We recommend that you use a grind level of 5-7 on our scale which is just below an espresso grind. Our ground coffee wouldn't be suitable, we would recommend grinding your beans to better suit an Aero Press.

How to use an AeroPress
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