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A few of our Sister Brands

Magic Beans Trading Limited is the parent company that owns or is partly owned by the various brands below. Several brands (not all shows) have a charitable core and purpose. We build brands with a conscience.


Seedzbox is a high-quality bird seed business; we pack and distribute within the UK and have recently been working on ancillary garden products. With over 50,000 trees planted via One Tree Planted since 2020, we are decarbonising our brands.

Visit Seedzbox

Bird & Wild

We love our coffee companies. Bird & Wild focuses on ethically sourced coffee that protects native birds while cultivating coffee. The coffee is Organic, Shade Grown and ultimately Bird Friendly. We've donated over £60,000 to the RSPB since 2017.

Visit Bird & Wild

Decadent Decaf

Decadent Decaf are dedicated to roasting only 100% decaffeinated coffee. Decadent Decaf coffee is UK roasted at our roastery in Bournemouth since 2014. It's been highly publicised in many newspapers and has won a Great Taste award.

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Organic Coffee Cleanse

Organic Coffee Cleanse is one of our new coffee companies that specifically roasts exceptionally light coffee for a specific market. It is still finding its feet. High-caffeine quality coffee will undoubtedly find its market in time.

Visit Organic Coffee Cleanse Co
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