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The cold, grey days of January can be made much more bearable with a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and that’s why any gifts related to hot drinks are so popular around Christmas.

Whether you choose Christmas coffee gifts, such as special blends or stylish equipment, a little warmth and a pick me up in the winter months is always appreciated by loved ones. Here are a few ideas if you’re stuck for gift giving inspiration.

Brown Bear Merry Christmas Gift Box

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover? Look no further than the Brown Bear Coffee Gift Box! This beautifully presented gift box contains six of Brown Bear's most popular coffees, including Blue Mountain Blend, Original Blend, Mambo Italiano Blend, Sweet Brazil, Real Colombia, and Breakfast Blend coffees. Each coffee has its own unique flavor profile that will delight your taste buds.

The Blue Mountain Blend is a medium roast coffee with a smooth, rich flavor that is perfect for any time of day. The Original Blend is a classic coffee with a bold, full-bodied flavor that will wake you up in the morning. The Mambo Italiano Blend is a dark roast coffee with a bold, intense flavor that is perfect for espresso lovers. The Sweet Brazil is a medium roast coffee with a sweet, nutty flavor that is perfect for those who like their coffee with a little bit of sweetness. The Real Colombia is a medium roast coffee with a bright, fruity flavor that is perfect for those who like their coffee with a little bit of acidity. The Breakfast Blend is a light roast coffee with a smooth, mellow flavor that is perfect for starting your day off right.

Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member, or just want to treat yourself to some amazing coffee, the Brown Bear Coffee Gift Box is the perfect choice. Order yours today and experience the amazing flavors of Brown Bear Coffee!



A tin of our extremely popular Brown Bear Christmas Blend is an ideal present for the coffee lover in your life. They can enjoy a cup of hot coffee on Christmas morning and cold mornings when they need some seasonal cheer. Brown Bear also has plenty of classic blends that make for great gifts, with bundles available for lovers of espresso and other favourites. Our popular coffee subscription is also a great choice for coffee lovers!


True coffee lovers are particular about the method for making their favourite beverage and so the right equipment can make for a great gift, allowing them to truly appreciate the flavour of the coffee. The Aerobie AeroPress is a great gift for coffee lovers, offering a portable way to make a perfect cup of brewed coffee wherever they like, whether it’s at their desk or in the home. We’ve got a great bundle of our Christmas Blend and the fantastic Aerobie AeroPress.


Know a coffee lover who uses a coffee machine or cafétiere, but always buys pre-ground coffee? Introducing them to the delights of freshly ground beans is definitely something they’ll thank you for. The Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder – a small, hand operated grinder which adds just a few seconds to morning coffee routines – takes the average cup to a whole new level of freshness. These grinders are ideal Christmas gifts for those with small kitchens or those who perhaps can’t fit one of the larger automatic grinders, yet still want the freshest coffee.

Hot drinks are a great comfort on the coldest days, and therefore if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas coffee gifts, you’ll enjoy the wide range available at Brown Bear. From coffee to cocoa, there are plenty of options to suit all tastes.

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