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How do you take your coffee - Brown Bear Coffee

How do you take your coffee

Here at Brown Bear HQ, naturally we all have a common interest….a love for fresh, tasty coffee. But each of the team enjoys their coffee brewed in a specific way, a particular roast and all with varying amounts of milk. Those who like it light and milky and some who enjoy their coffee ‘sans milk’.

So we thought we’d come up with a simple device to measure how strong our coffee is…introducing the Brown Bear Coffee Colour Stick. Simple place the stick next to your cup of coffee and match it with one of the colours to get your number. Voila. Now you can give that to whoever’s turn it is to make the coffee.

Not quite revolutionary, but we like it and we’re including them in every order placed through (Yay!).

Let us know in the comments, what colour you go for!

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