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MOTHER’S COFFEE HOUR. - Brown Bear Coffee


A 27 year old single working mum of one, speaking honestly about motherhood and life experiences over her favourite daytime brew.

‘..why now?’…..

As a new mum my son has entirely transformed my life. As stressful and challenging as its been I now see life in a completely different light; he has pushed me to be the best version of me and although writing has always been a passion of mine, it is only now since having my son that I have finally found the courage to put some of my work out there. 

So sit down, grab a coffee and enjoy.


Nothing makes me more content than the smell of a freshly made, early morning coffee.

The scent not only provides pleasure to the sensory receptors of my nose but for me, that aroma also signifies vigilance and attentiveness, two key things that get me through my ‘working mummy’ days

The initial few sips bring about relief, tapping into every reward system of my brain. The warm sensation felt as each small mouthful navigates its way through my throat, kick start my day with an ‘everything will be alright, you’ve got this’ type of feeling.

As dopamine is released, my mood gradually begins to lift and the ill-
tempered beast that once was slowly diminishes. Setting free an amicable more pleasant me.

“everything will be alright, you’ve got this”

In exchange for the jumbled up mess that cluttered my thinking, I am healed from the infamous brain fog that appears to be a reoccurring forecast of motherhood. 
Offering me clarity of mind, my thoughts start to become far clearer and easier to manage.

Now halfway into my warm cup of caffeine goodness, my attention turns to the tasks ahead. Yet no longer do I become flooded with emotions of pessimism. Rather, an air of positivity proceeds to consume the atmosphere.

I am ever thankful for special morning moments like these ones, that support and encourage me. Like a friend would inspire you to live up to your highest potential; my brew aids to boost my efficiency levels to the point where everything I do, is done to my best standard.

It’s apparent that not all cheerleaders come with pom poms. Some come in the form of a mug filled with coffee

With the temperature of my morning joe now decreasing and its contents quickly disappearing. I take my very last gulp and think to myself I am ready to begin my day.

Thank you and more will be added soon. 

Martha Owusu-dankwa

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